Casa Italia

Artisan Meats & Cheeses

Our deli meats selection is one of the best in Sarasota; we have a delicious variety of artisan meats from Italy, Spain, Canada, and the USA. We offer unique assortment of smoked meats, hams, sausages, and salami. Our talented staff has developed the skills to properly slice prosciutto and salami for the perfect bite.


Whether you are looking for sandwich deli meats or artisanal meats for entertaining guests, we have an incredible smorgasbord selection.

Some of our artisanal meats:

Prosciutto di Parma               Pancetta                       Prosciutto Cotto                    Bresaola
Prosciutto San Daniele          Mortadella                   Jamón Serrano                      Genoa Salami
Speck                                       Sopressata                   Capicola                                 Salami Calabrese
Italian Sweet Sausage          Italian Hot Sausage     Salami Abruzzi                      Smoked Salmon


Casa Italia offers a large selection of artisan cheeses from all culinary ports near and far. In the beginning, we started with a concentration of Italian cheeses, but over the years we have added cheeses from France, England, Spain, Denmark, Switzerland and beyond.


We have a wonderful selection of unique and uncommon cheeses not found in the large grocery stores. Our staff is ready to help you find the perfect cheese for the right occasion, recipe, or tasty snack.


Some of our readily available artisan cheeses:

Fresh Mozzarella                                                     Burrata

Parmigiana-Reggiano                                             Pecorino-Romano

Locatelli Romano                                                    English Stilton

Danish Bleu                                                              Manchego

Bianco Sardo                                                            French Roquefort

Mozzarella di Bufala                                                Pecorino Toscano

Drunken Goat Cheese                                             Gorgonzola Dolce Latte

Grana Padano                                                           Auricchio Provolone


We also have an delicious variety of freshly grated cheeses:

Parmigiano-Reggiano                             Locatelli Romano

Pecorino Romano                                   Argentinean Reggianito

Casa Italia Five Cheese Blend: specialty blend of house cheeses


*Our cheeses are grated in-house. There are no preservatives or fillers, only one ingredient... cheese!


We are happy to offer you a sample, so you can find your new favorite.

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